Good tools have a reason

Good tools have individual reasons. They possess a universal design that has been developed over a long period of time. For example, to cut into fiber, the tip of the knife is pointed and the body is curvy. Good tools have such reason and help make food taste better.


The shop first opened in 1908, and was founded by Minosuke Kumazawa in Asakusa Kappabashi. Initially, it was called "Kumazawa Imono Ten" but later changed to its present name, "KAMA-ASA". KAMA-ASA has catered to the needs of chefs for over a century now. Daisuke Kumazawa, who is the 4th generation owner of the business, has inherited the store and its vision. His aim is to provide customers with good tools having reasons.

Our uniqueness

We, at KAMA-ASA know that good tools could be found across Japan. We actually visit the craftsman and select the tools ourselves. In order to make sure that we deliver fatefully perfect cooking tools to our customers, we personally talk and ask our customers to touch each tool so they can find the item that's right for them. We stand between the craftsman and the customer, and help each customer find their destined tools by explaining the reason behind each tool.


A craftsman takes pride in his/her work and there is power and strength in their work. Creativity inherited over time in Japan and the sensitive touches of the craftsman is what has made these good tools stick around to this day. You can feel the spirit of these craftsmen through our products at KAMA-ASA.

Kitchen tools

Knives, Yukihira pans, iron frying pans, and Nambu cast ironware have all been loved and used by professional chefs for many years. These tools used in such kitchens need to be sturdy to last, and need to have the style to assist in cooking food to taste better. The shape of every tool has a meaning.

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