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We are excited to announce that KAMA-ASA’s global online shop is newly open!

Founded in 1908, now we run stores in Tokyo and Paris, offering the finest collection of products to professional and home cooks for over a century.
We have opened our global online shop for cooking enthusiasts who cannot easily visit our real shops.
(For customers who live in Japan, please kindly check our domestic online shop.)

– Customer friendly service –
Just like shopping at our real shop, you can find your ideal item by using our online shop’s search function.
For example, you can search the knives from usage, blade material, features and budgets.
You can also ask for free-engraving service too.
As much as we do at our stores in Tokyo and Paris, we will do our very best to assist each customer in finding a product that is right for them.

– Reliable description for each item –
The heart of our business is to stand between the craftspeople and customers, not just as a retailer, but as a storyteller and an advisor.
Each product in our online shop has detailed information.
You can easily know about how to care for the item and the place of origin too.

– Price including shipping fee –

Shipping fees are already included in the item price, so you do not have to worry about the expensive shipping fees after you proceed to check out.
Please kindly note customs fees are NOT included in the price and you may be charged when receiving your items.
We are starting from knives but there’s more to come soon!
Please enjoy your shopping through our online shop!

If you are interested in items which are not on our online shop, please feel free to inquire through our contact page(https://kama-asa-shoten.com/pages/contact)

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