KAMA-ASA's hammered iron frying pan

KAMA-ASA's hammered iron frying pan
KAMA-ASA's hammered iron frying pan has no coating. You do not need to worry about the damaging of surface as you would experience with a non-stick coating pan. The surface of the iron pan would get oiled the more you use, and will grow to become a tool for easy cooking. We request "Yamada Kogyosho" to make the pans as they are the only ones with the special hammering technique to make these iron pans. The hammering procedure gives strength to the pans. The pan uses a thicker iron than a regular iron frying pan, so heat distributes more evenly when you cook. Created with ease of use as a priority, it is an ideal frying pan.

Characteristics of the product

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Manufacturing Process

How to use the pan

Daily Care

Daily Care

How to keep food from sticking to the pan Heat the pan beforehand and then add oil. This prevents food from sticking to the pan.
Food tends to stick to the pan if the pan is not heated enough before you start cooking.

How to keep it from rusting To clean, do not use kitchen soap. Just scrub it with a natural brush and water (lukewarm is preferable).
After washing, please make sure to heat it again to let the water completely evaporate.
Also, it is better to wash the pan right after use instead of leaving with food on it because the salt and the acid from food could potentially damage the pan and create small holes or cause rusting.