Kama and Kamado

Kama and Kamado
KAMA-ASA had originally been a Kama-pot specialty store. Therefore, Kama-pot and Kamado (stove for Kama) are something we still cherish. Kama-pot takes the form of a traditional Japanese pot, and the rounded bottom makes a good flow of heat, suitable for various uses including rice cooking, boiling noodles, and broth making. Kamado is a tool resembling a stove, and is indispensable for efficiently transmitting the heat inside Kama-pot by covering the bottom half of Kama-pot. We at KAMA-ASA carry a wide variety of Kama-pots and Kamado that can be chosen according to the purpose of use.

Product lineup

We can propose you the best size and ignition according to your needs, including the purpose of use, and the space of your kitchen. Please inquire for more details.