Nambu cast iron wares

Nambu cast iron wares
Nambu cast iron ware is one of the traditional and local productions from Morioka-city and Okushu-city of Iwate prefecture, with its start dating back to 17th century. It started with creating the tools for tea ceremonies. Nowadays, its technique is used to make a variety of kitchen products. At KAMA-ASA, we have numbers of original pots and other items available. One of the strengths of our product line is that many of the items are induction compatible.

Characteristics of the product

Product lineup

Mail order
We have a number of branded items of Nambu cast iron wares.
Please contact us for questions regarding the products or if you would like to make a reservation for iron kettles.

Directions for use

Daily Care

Daily Care

How to keep food from sticking to the pan Heat the pan beforehand and then add oil. This prevents food from sticking to the pan.
Food tends to stick to the pan if the pan is not heated enough before you start cooking.

How to keep it from rusting To clean, do not use kitchen soap. Just scrub it with a natural brush and water (lukewarm is preferable).
After washing, please make sure to heat it again to let the water completely evaporate.
Also, it is better to wash the pan right after use instead of leaving with food on it because the salt and the acid from food could potentially damage the pan and create small holes or cause rusting.