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“Unbranded” knives

The crafting of traditional Japanese single-edged knives involves various processes. Each stage is performed by a different artisan. Double-edged knives are produced in different locations. Each has its own character and culture. Our aim is to help you feel such variations with your own hands. You are welcome to handle our displays to choose the knife that suits your hand and needs.
To show respect for our craftspeople and pass on their values to our customers, Kama Asa does not re-brand the knives we carry. Each knife is supplied in its unadorned form, as finished by the artisan and with no additional markings. To view our comprehensive range of cooking knives please visit our store. We have many more knives in the shown categories.

Japanese style single-edged knives

There are two types of blade in Japanese-style knives. The hon-yaki is made of one piece of pure steel material; the kasumi is an assembled blade of steel and iron forged together. A hon-yaki knife has a long-lasting sharpness. The polished surface is exquisitely pure. A kasumi knife is easier to sharpen and less brittle.

fig_wa01Saya Wooden sheath for all knife types.
fig_wa02Ken-gata Yanagi sashimi slicer
fig_wa03Ken-gata Fugu blowfish sashimi slicer
fig_wa04Tako-hiki sashimi slicer
fig_wa05Saki-maru tako-hiki rounded tip sashimi slicer
fig_wa06Kiri-tsuke Deba and Usuba functions combined
fig_wa07Hamo-kiri or pike eel knife
fig_wa08Deba filleting knife
fig_wa09Mi-oroshi filleting knife
fig_wa10Ai-deba thinner deba knife for filleting
fig_wa11Kenmuki vegetable peeler
fig_wa12Shellfish knife
fig_wa13Kama-shape Usuba vegetable knife
fig_wa14Azuma-shape Usuba vegetable knife
fig_wa15Edo-style eel knife
fig_wa16Osaka-style eel knife

Double-edged knives

Double-edged knives can be categorized by their steel materials and place of production. They are made from various special stainless steels or carbon steel. Depending on their place of origin their characteristics vary, such as thickness of blade, overall balance, sharpening and so on.

Virgin steel 1 stain resistant.

fig_yo01Suji-hiki Slicer
fig_yo02Gyuto Chef's knife
fig_yo03Santoku All-purpose knife
fig_yo04Utility knife

Virgin steel 5 stain resistant.

fig_yo05Double-edged deba
fig_yo06Gyuto Chef's knife 240mm
fig_yo07Gyuto Chef's knife
fig_yo08Santoku All-purpose knife
fig_yo09Suji-hiki Slicer
fig_yo11Han-honesuki Rounded boning knife
fig_yo12Hone-suki Boning knife
fig_yo13Utility knife

Virgin steel 10 damascus stain resistant

fig_yo14Double-edged Deba
fig_yo15Suji-hiki Slicer
fig_yo16Gyuto Chef's knife
fig_yo17Santoku All-purpose knife
fig_yo18Hone-suki Boning knife
fig_yo18Utility knife


Damascus refers to the patterns of lines and mottling on the surface of certain knives.This type of steel was originally found on ancient swords of Asia and the Middle East. Today, the Damascus effect is reproduced by layering and pressing thin sheets of soft steel, such as nickel, around the blade. Since its purpose is to provide a supportive “jacket” around the hard blade, it does not affect the sharpness of the knife. However, edge retention is extended and sharpening is easier.


Also available are Chinese-style knives, soba noodle knives, left-handed knives, sharpening stones and tools, knife cases, bags, etc.

Chinese cleaver
Soba knife
Sharpening stone

Kama-Asa Services


Let us personalise your knife. We will engrave names or words of your choice onto your blade.


Sharpening (charge applies)

Professional sharpening on water stones. Feel free to return your knife to the store whenever your blade starts to dull.



Japanese single-edged knives:

White steel
The raw material for this steel is ironsand. Easy-to-sharpen.
Blue steel
White steel with added carbon and tungsten. Richer in iron carbide, harder and with longer edge retention than white steel.
Gin-gami 3 (Silver-paper 3)
A steel by Hitachi Metal Ltd. One percent carbon. Good edge retention and stain-resistance.
Virgin steel 10
Pure and well-balanced chemical constitution. Rich in carbon. Stain resistant and keeps a long edge.

Double edge knives

Powder high-speed steel
Very stable chemical composition. Stain resistant, improved hardness, elasticity and long edge retention.
Virgin steel 1
Alloy containing molybdenum. Rich in carbon compounds. Easy to maintain, it is engineered under 60HRC on the Rockwell scale. Resistant to oxidation and has long edge retention.
Virgin steel 5
Close to the Virgin steel 1, this alloy is reinforced with vanadium to be less brittle.
Virgin steel 10
Same as single-edged type.
Other steels
Sweden steel, Japanese steel (Nihon-ko) etc.

Handle types

fig_e01Magnolia wood
Water resistant and good grip. With water buffalo horn collar
fig_e02Japanese Yew
A hard and heavy wood, with water buffalo horn collar
fig_e03Ebony wood
Robust and waterproof, with water buffalo horn collar
fig_e04Silver collar ebony
Silver rings inlaid in ebony handle
fig_e05Silver collar ebony
Silver rings inlaid in ebony handle Ivory collar silver ebony.

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